notes of a recreational programmer

if you were expecting a fancy page with slick graphics and 'multimedia goodness,' then your ticket to disappointment city has been punched. i'm a firm believer in function over form when it comes to web pages, and take pride in the fact that my pages are compatible with lynx. i've no interest in cookies or flash or turning your computer into a computational element of a covert bitcoin mining array, so there's nothing here but text and some markup.

one of my programming platform consists of a 4-node linux (debian) cluster, on which i do some parallel programming, some kernel and systems programming, some cluster programming, and some applications programming. another consists of a single freebsd machine, where i do some kernel and systems programming and some applications programming. i've other devices, but these are mostly convenience devices that i don't currently write code for.

my primary interest is distributed systems, which means the node(s) forming some kind of execution surface, and the gorp between them. so i do pay attention to my kernels and the network stacks i inflict upon them, and the tools useful to describe the function and performance of an instance of a distributed system.

a project i've been pursuing for over a decade is the raison d'etre for the domain "" -- a top-level domain for us (ndns, skins, native americans, ...) -- and as was taken, preventing, i hyphenated nic and naa, creating an available name in verisign's .net namespace. while not math or computer sicence (or even coding), the top-level domain problem domain is one i've some expertice in, though not enough to have raised low-six-figures in the 2000 and 2004 rounds, nor high-six-figures in the 2011 round.